martes, 29 de diciembre de 2015

Introducing ourselves, a rap spelling activity

With this simple activity I pretend my 1 ESO students to interact with their class mates during the first days of school meanwhile they practice a simple two-beat pattern and brush up their spelling skills.
Besides, working in groups they have to make important decitions such as how they are going to start, who will be the first one, how they are going to finish the presentation...

These are the instructions given for the "rap your names" activity:

  • Split the group into groups of five students each
  • Once in your group, stand on a line or in a circle and make a simple two-beat clapping rhythm (tap your chest and clap your hands)
  • Each student will take it in turns to say/rap ‘My name is [name], ? to the ? to the ? to the ? …… (i.e. My name is John, J to the O to the H to the N) Taking into account that the name should coincide with the clap.
And that's what they did:

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