jueves, 23 de junio de 2016

Creative Classroom Group summer online party

Yesterday, meanwhile British people were deciding if they wanted to stay in Europe or not we, eTwinners (members of the Creative Classroom Group), were having fun learning with and from each other, sharing our favorite summer songs, recipes, possible holiday destinations and celebrating that another year of hope, collaborative work, creativity and lots of shared projects had finished.

We -eTwinners- do believe that a United Europe on which human values are considered is the best present we can give to our students and future generations and that's the reason why we do believe in education and in pushing boundaries (not in closing borders) Because, in spite of everything, we have faith in Europe, we keep working every year, every day, as part of this great family that is eTwinning.

Thank you all for sharing, thank you eTwinning for making it possible.

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