martes, 3 de noviembre de 2015

History in mind, an eTwinning Learning Event

I've just started a new eTwinning Learning Event, titled History in Mind (#etwhist) and organized by Alena Jandlová (an English and History teacher from Tábor, Czech Republic) The Learning Event will take place from November 1-15.

The aims of the Learning Event are:
  • To share information on how history is taught in eTwinning countries (history in European school systems, exams)
  • To compare curricula of this subject according to school levels (content, number of lessons, study material, ICT tools)
  • To share good practices
  • To create educational activities/modules for History (universal, CLIL, some travel tips as well?)
One of the first activities of the Learning Event consisted on describing "an important event/place of the 20th century in your country using ZeeMaps" (an interactive applications to create maps that allow you to introduce photo, audio, video and multimedia information)

So far, and according to the map, I'm the only Spanish teacher involved:

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