sábado, 27 de diciembre de 2014

eTwinning Christmas Party

Thanks to Irene Pateraki and her Creativity Classroom eTwinning Group I did have the opportunity to take part into this especial Christmas event.

We shared the most typical Christmas traditions in Europe:

Christmas traditions in Europe - A collaborative presentation from Irene Pateraki

Some Christmas paintings (http://es.padlet.com/kse_mamavromma/rxz4e8cu6y33):

Some Christmas wishes (http://es.padlet.com/renia_95/etwinwishes):

We sang a carol together and we created a collaborative poem using TitanPad (https://titanpad.com/ep4JhRXowi):

All in all, a great experience and the confirmation that it is possible to work together with people all over Europe in real time.
I hope it has been just my first European Christmas party in eTwinning.

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