sábado, 28 de noviembre de 2015

Introducing computers in your classroom, module 2

Computing is about complex problem solving so it's perfectly possible to teach computing without computers. In the first part of the module of this MOOC (#CScourse) some examples and activities in order to teach computing science (binary numbers, algorithms, encryption, data representation...) in a funny and entertaining way, and without computers, are presented.

  • CSUnplagged: Computer Science without a computer webpage
  • Dwengo: A not-for-profic organization promoting technology and engineering for everyone
As coding is also about good communication, on the second part of the module the idea of cooperation and collaboration is introduced through Pair Programming (two people using the same computer because "two heads are better than one")

During the module some other issues are commented, such as the cross-curricular introduction of computing and the problem of gender and girls' inclusiveness in the world of computing.

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