domingo, 25 de octubre de 2015

Learning Designer for the #eSkillsCourse MOOC

I've just finished the last activity of the Developing Digital Skills in your Classroom MOOC (#eSkillsCourse). The activity consisted on designing an activity using an interesting tool, the Learning Designer created and developed by the Institute of Education of University College London in order to enable teachers to share their good teaching ideas and to support the integration of learning technology.

The learning design is displayed as a sequence of teaching and learning activities (TLAs) and shows all the main properties of the design you have created, such as topic, number of students, aims, outcomes, and duration of the learning time. It is a really useful tool in order to reflect about the planned activities and to determine whether or not your design is supporting the type of learning experience you have in mind.

You can access the Learning Designer through this link: (you will have to register, creating your own account)

Click on the image to access to my first learning design, it's about Sound. As you can see, the Learning Designer offers useful visual feedback through the graphical analysis of the learning experience

 Sound for beginners

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