lunes, 26 de octubre de 2015

#eSkillsCourse finished

Since September 14th I've been attending a really interesting online course: Developing Digital Skills in your Classroom organized by the European Schoolnet Academy (#eSkillsCourse)

The MOOC was organized around thematic areas of digital skills that can be considered relevant at all levels of primary and secondary education. 6 modules (you can see them above), the course explored the definition and role of digital skills generally and then looked at specific skill areas and how to address them in the classroom.
Interestingly, the focus of the modules was on how pedagogically the skill area could be addressed and not so much on the use of the different possible tools. Even so, I have collected a good bunch of links to start practicing with on my Learning Diary.

Today, I can proudly say that I've finished the course and one new badge has joined my growing collection (certificate)

Here you can have access to my Learning Diary, created with Tackk. Even though it was tiring, sometimes, I've to recognize that, slowly but surely, it has become a great summary of the course and, for sure, I will revisit it a lot.

See on Tackk

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